Surveys Start Conversations

Surveys are one way you can talk with many students on campus.

Through these creative surveys, you can find out about their lives, their thoughts about God. It becomes an easy way to then share the gospel with those who are interested.

At the end of any survey you can ask, “I’m wondering if anyone has ever shared with you how you could know God in a personal way?”

Then you ask, “May I take 5 minutes and share that with you?”

You then share the Knowing God Personally gospel message with them.

Here are a variety of surveys you can use:

1. Soularium

This is a stack of 50 printed photos, about the size of a large postcard (4x6 inches). In the U.S., they can be purchased. In other countries, some people have simply purchased postcards showing various images of people, situations, objects, nature, etc. The greater the variety of images, the better. Some photos might convey sadness, joy, feeling trapped, accomplishment, etc.

You can set up a table on campus, with these cards spread out, and invite students to stop and do a fun survey. Or you can ask individuals on campus or in student housing.

You could say, “I have a stack of images and a fun survey about a person’s life and spiritual journey. Would you have a few minutes to do this with me?”

Here are the survey questions to use with Soularium:

  1. Which 3 images would you choose to describe your life right now?

  2. Why did you choose those?

  3. Which 3 images would you wish were part of your life right now?

  4. Which one image comes close to how you would describe God?

  5. Can you tell me a little about that?

  6. Over your life so far, which image describes what you’ve experienced spiritually?

  7. Which image shows what you wish were true about your spiritual life or journey?

If it seems appropriate or if the person asks you, it is also fine to briefly share something from your own life about God.

At the end of the conversation, remember to ask, “Could I share with you how you could know God in a personal way?”

2. The Flier

This flier is a half a sheet of paper (2 fliers print on one page, then cut in half). Each square matches an article that’s on Each has a headline and a description.

You print a bunch of these, then ask one or two friends to do this with you.

You go to a busy place on campus and you hand one of these to a student saying,

“We want to students on campus to know about this website. Do any of these topics interest you?”

If the person starts talking, you can continue the conversation. If they don’t seem to want to say much, that’s fine. Leave the flier with them and move on.

This is a great way to help many students find out about the site. And it’s an easy way to start conversations.

3. The Quest Survey

This is a simple 5-question survey, on a half sheet of paper. You can print two surveys on one page, then cut in half.

4. Share This Short Film

Falling Plates is a 4-minute video that explains what Jesus did for us so that we could know his love. It is available on in 25+ languages.

(It is also available on the JesusFilm app and on

You can say to someone, “I have a short 4-minute video that describes our lives and something remarkable God did for us. May I show it to you?”

At the end, ask the person what they thought of the film. Then ask, “I’m wondering if anyone has ever shared with you how you could know God in a personal way? Could I take 5 minutes and share with you how you could know God’s love?” Then present The Gospel Message.