How to Share The Gospel Message

It is important to know how to lead a student into a relationship with Jesus.

There are many students who would begin a relationship with God today, if someone simply told them how. You could ask, “Has anyone ever shared with you how you can know God in a personal way?”

After they reply, you can then say, “I have found that God wants us to enjoy a personal relationship with him, where we experience his love and direction in our lives.”

Then ask, “May I take five minutes and show you how a person can begin a personal relationship with God?”

What to Share

Here is the gospel message we share with others:


It is available in several formats:

  1. as a web page (mobile, laptop, tablet)

  2. as a mobile app:
          Every Student app
          GodTools app

  3. in print format:
          purchase booklets

How to Share It

We have found it useful to literally read the gospel message to a student, out loud, word-for-word.

If the person asks questions while presenting it to them say, “That’s a great question. Could we talk about that at the end?”

We recommend you get together with another believer and practice. You read to that person, then switch, and they read it to you.

When you get toward the end, and you’ve read the prayer to invite Jesus into your life, you ask the person just as it says, “Does this prayer express the desire of your heart?”

If the person says “Yes” then you say, “How about if I say each phrase and you can repeat it after me?”

If the person says “No” or “Not right now” then you say, “If you need time to think about it or you have questions about God that you would like to consider on your own in private, let me give you this website.” Write down, or text it to them, or hand them a card for it.

( is our Cru evangelistic site. It is available in 45+ languages, and more than 1,000 people every day tell us they’ve asked Jesus into their lives on it. It addresses many of the questions nonbelievers have about God. You can confidently offer this site to students who do not yet know God.)

If the Person Receives Christ

Ask them to sign up for a 7-part email series to help them begin growing right away. It’s called, The Spiritual Starter Kit. Go to: and let them enter their email address in the signup box.

Also ask if you could meet with them again in a few days. Try to set a specific time and place right then.

Teach Others to Share Their Faith

1. Bring someone with you so they can see you share the gospel.

2. Then switch roles and you watch them share with someone.

3. Offer helpful feedback.

4. Encourage them to continue on their own, maybe inviting a new believer to join them.