Want to Be a World Changer?

What’s on your heart? Would it be exciting to see hundreds or thousands of students on your campus come to know Christ?

In Matthew 28:18-20, God calls us to GO and MAKE disciples of ALL nations.

And again, in 2 Timothy 2:2, we read that Paul invested in Timothy, who in turn invested in faithful men, who continued the chain to teach others.

Go > make disciples > of all nations. Another way you could say this is:

Go Win people to Christ > Build them in their faith > Send them to reach others.

Win > Build > Send.


All over the world there are students whose hearts are aligned with God to GO and MAKE disciples. This is what we call a Key Volunteer (KV).

Committing yourself to become a KV ushers you into an exciting journey with God and a community of others around the world.

You would seek to build a movement on your campus, not by relying on your own skill, but by trusting in the power of the One who is sending you. This is exactly what the early disciples did.

Paul, Peter, Barnabas, Priscilla, Timothy and others trusted the Holy Spirit to work through them and guide them. As they expanded the gospel to new places, they also did it together.

To start a movement on your campus, your city, your country, you also would also have the joy of trusting God and approaching it as a team with other believers.

Ask God to provide 10 students to join you. But you can get started with even one or two others. You’re ready to really make an impact on your campus!

Having a coach help you as you start building a movement is very helpful. Fill this out to be connected to a coach.


“During my stay at a university in the United States I experienced a Christian movement for the first time in my life. A student expressed to me how insanely grateful she was that somebody helped her find true life in Jesus. This was when I thought: I’ve got to reach out to students on my home campus in Germany and help people get a chance to meet Jesus!


So, back in Germany some Christian friends and I started. As we took our tiny human steps, God showed up! He sent other Christians who joined in with us. And he brought us together with a girl named Lina. Whenever I meet with Lina now she tells me how God has lately been at work in her life and how grateful she is to have him in her life! For me this is incredible: to see Jesus alive and at work when we step out in faith, willing to pass on to others what He has entrusted to us.”
- Andrea, student in Koblenz, Germany