Explore - Where to Expand?

As you think about spreading a movement, the very first step is to seek God for where He would have you go.

You need a clear picture of where God is calling you to go. Is it all the universities in one city, in a region, in a people group, or in the entire nation? However, keep in mind that launching a movement can be as simple as challenging your friends in places with no movements to start one.

Look at Matthew 9:35-38 and Psalm 110:1-3. Take extended time in prayer and fasting. Begin to pray now that God will raise up Key Volunteers in every university in your area of influence.

Use the Internet and other sources of information to help answer these questions:

1. Where are the schools and universities in your area? In which cities? What are the names of the campuses?

2. What are the students like? What are their needs? Are there any unique affinities and people groups, religious groupings, etc.?

3. Where do we have ministries now? Where do we not have ministries?

4. Where do other organizations/churches with a shared vision have ministries?

5. How can you evaluate and prioritize which universities to consider?

6. How many cities and total locations are you called to be responsible for? How many universities? How many students?

How to Network and Explore

Before you go visit the new area, explore and learn all you can about the university.

To help surface resources and Potential Key Volunteers use internet resources. Download this pdf: How to search for PVKs through Facebook

Also remember to think through all the people you know in areas with no movement. Look through your friends on social media. Think through contacts you may have in churches or other organizations.

Before You Go, Prepare These Materials

Prepare the materials and tools you will need to challenge Potential Key Volunteers and in meetings with local pastors or church leaders. Here is a list of possible tools you may need:

On-Campus Exploring

As you show up to a new university or a new part of your own university, remember that you are trusting God is already at work and has already placed the vision of building a movement on someone’s heart. Your job is to look for that person by talking to as many people as possible.

Here’s a sample script you could use as you talk with people:

Hi! My name is ___________ and I’m with a Christian student group called Cru (or whatever student-led movements is called in your country). We’re looking for people who are Christians and enjoy talking about Jesus. Does that describe you? Do you know someone who that describes?

As you meet Christians, other portions of this site explain how to invite someone to be a Key Volunteer.

Spreading the Movement Yourself

It is possible that instead of you finding new potential Key Volunteers, God is calling you to be the Key Volunteer needed to lead a new movement.

If He is, refer back to the Build a Movement section for tools you can use to find a team of like-hearted disciples and get started in building a new movement.

Here is a video from students in the Philippines who are building movements where they are, with the vision to spread movements as well.