Make Use of is Cru’s evangelistic site.

All of the videos and articles are for those who do not yet know God in a personal way. Everything is worded to them. More than a thousand people a day come to Christ this way.

It’s in 45+ languages, so it is likely useful to any student you might meet on campus.

It addresses questions many students have about life and God:

Take a look at the site right now.

No Longer Cornered

As you talk with students, you no longer have to be worried about someone asking you a question you can’t answer. is your safety net. You can say, “That is a great question. Let me give send you a helpful site that addresses that very well.” (Text them the link.)

A student can also ask a question on the site via email and someone will send a personal email reply.

Many students are hesitant to talk candidly about their personal beliefs or questions about God. But give them a well-written, respectful site that they can go to on their own, and defenses come down.

Online is comfortable, familiar for them. It feels safe. They are in control. No one is challenging them. It’s just them and their computer/phone. They are quiet. And they can really focus. It is the perfect environment for God to speak to them.

Have Cards with You

We have cards already designed. Just give the file to your local printer.

Share the Site in Your Social Media

This is an easy way to share with many people. It is today’s version of “sowing” the gospel. Just like Jesus talked about a farmer throwing out seed, we can offer various articles or videos on a regular basis, letting God speak to people’s hearts.

Two Special Series

1. The Spiritual Adventure Pack

If you are talking with an atheist you might ask, “If you saw sufficient evidence for God’s existence, would you want to know God?”

If they say yes, then invite them to sign up for this free 7-part email series. You can let them know that there is a link at the end of each email, if they decide they want to stop anytime.

Many atheists have become believers through this. One wrote,

“Although you don’t know me I feel that you’ve taken my hand and led me on a very special journey these last few weeks. The evidence you give was sufficient to convince this 33-year-old, life-long atheist; not an easy challenge.” ~ Caroline

It would be a good idea for you to sign up for it yourself, so you can see what it’s like. It will build your faith!

2. The Gospel of John

Some students you meet might be interested in spiritual things. They might view themselves as somewhat religious.

You could ask them, “Have you ever taken a personal look at the life of Jesus? There is a very interesting email series that’s free, that helps you see what the Bible says about Jesus and how his life relates to us. Would you be interested in seeing it?”

You could let them see people’s comments about the series on this sign up page.

Again, you would enjoy signing up for this yourself. It’s free.

Download the EveryStudent App

Be ready to help someone anytime. is available in iOS and Android.

Here you go.