What is a Movement

Around the world many students have discovered the great joy of becoming movement builders. As an organization we believe that students are to be the leaders of movements on campus.

A multiplying spiritual movement take times to build and is done as a team. Here is how we define a movement:

“A spiritual movement is God working through a team of like-hearted disciples to win, build, and send toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

A movement has four essential characteristics:
      Connecting lost people to Jesus;
      Building disciples in their faith, evangelism, ability to disciple others;
      Multiplying leaders who develop leaders;
      Generating local funding and resources for movement activities.

And you do these in community with others and through prayer, trusting God.

Evangelism and discipleship are a part of Cru’s DNA. We define ourselves as a "caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ."

Evangelizing and making disciples is the ministry we carry out on campus. However, a movement only lasts if there are two other characteristics: multiplying leaders and generating self-sustaining local resources.

This means if you want the movement on your campus to survive even after you leave university, two of the most important things you need to do is to prepare other leaders and learn how to raise local funds.

Here are some tips: